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Versions of TellyPrompter

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TellyPrompter 1.5 19/08/09 Free English
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  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
TellyPrompter 1.2 19/06/13 Free English
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Television programme guide and reminder service for UK TV channels

Francesca Migliorini

Articles TellyPrompter

Recent changes

  • Now allows channels to be sorted by channel number or name.
  • The Channel Selection window now allows channels from other regions to be displayed if required.
  • The Channel Selection window now allows the channel list to be sorted by any of the displayed columns by clicking the appropriate column header.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a channel not available on your selected platform caused the channel list to become scrambled.
  • TellyPrompter now remembers the positions of its windows, and remembers whether you were using the List or Grid view when starting up.
  • Added Regional Channel support. This allows channels that are only available in some parts of the UK to be displayed only if you can actually receive that channel. It also allows channel numbers to be reconfigured based upon your location (so for example, if you are in Wales, S4C will appears as channel number 4, instead of Channel 4). For new users, the region can be selected when first starting the program. For existing users, TellyPrompter will default to using a region of "England"; this can be changed from within the Channel Selection window.
  • Added channel categories. Each channel now has a category (Entertainment, Music, Sport, etc.) which allows you to see at-a-glance what type of channel you are selecting, and also allows you to add or remove selected channels based upon their categories (for example, you can now easily search all the Sport channels by asking TellyPrompter to include just channels whose category is "Sport").
  • Added a new option to only show the startup notification window once per day. If you log into your computer more than once per day, this can reduce the startup time for your subsequent logins.
  • Added a new context menu option to "Send programme details by email." Right-click a programme in the list or grid and select this option to open a new email message in your mail client with the details of the selected programme entered ready to be sent.
  • Added a new context menu option to "Copy programme details to the clipboard." Right-click a programme in the list or grid and select this option to copy the details of the selected programme to the clipboard so that you can paste them into another application.
  • Added a new context menu item to search for the selected programme in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database)
  • After adding a new channel to your channel selection, TellyPrompter will now download the programme details for just the new channel, not the entire channel selection.
  • Fixed the Ctrl+(key) shortkey key combinations when viewing the programme grid. Previously the shortcut keys were ignored in this view.
  • Two view modes (list or grid)
  • Constantly updated information
  • No SMS or email alerts
  • No programme logos

TellyPrompter is a television programme guide and reminder service for UK TV channels.

The application allows you to create flexible programme reminders, and notifies you each day about all of your favourite programmes that are due to be shown in the next week. It also provides search facilities and simple but efficient programme list and grid displays across its set of channels.

TellyPrompter offers listings for around 170 UK TV channels. Listings can easily be customised for analogue, Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview viewers. For more information, see the screenshots and features list below.

TellyPrompter is licenced as freeware and is available to download now.

The programme listings used by TellyPrompter are provided by Radio Times.

TellyPrompter is for personal use only.

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